Pure, efficacious and compatible cosmetics.

That was the goal when hyapur® set out to revolutionize hyaluronic acid products over ten years ago. Drawing from experience with hyaluronic acid in the medical field and combining it with extremely high quality standards and the dedication to only offering his customers the very best, founder Martin Kothe strove to create an externally applicable skin care equal in purity to the ones for oral use.

As the son of a biologist and with many physicians in his family, he found his passion for the interaction of medicine, movement, nutrition and care for holistic wellbeing.

During his time as trend scout and opinion leader for renown companies in Paris, London, Milan and the US, his observations solidified and he realized the rising demand of people for pure, effective, luxurious and natural products – particularly in cosmetics. At around the same time, the raw material hyaluronic acid gained in popularity for its numerous skin conditioning properties and the goal became very clear.

In 2009 it was finally done: the hyapur® Pure Hyaluronic Intense Serum – hyaluronic acid in its purest form – was introduced and for years remained the only hyapur® product in the portfolio.

Grown into a team,

the Hyapur Deutschland GmbH moved to Berlin-Charlottenburg, between Kaiserdamm and Kurfürstendamm, only 12 months later. In the following years, demand for premium supplementary skin care products rose rapidly. In March 2013 we therefore presented the first three products of our vegan organic-grade cosmetics with hyaluronic acid, the GREEN line. 2017 the Hyaluronic Algae Serums and four further GREEN products followed with great success. Since March 2019 our instant effect Hyaluronic Ampules and the detoxifying Algae Gel round up our portfolio.

For the future, we have a lot of ideas as to how you and us all can carry the traces of life in our hearts, and not on our skin. To achieve them, our skin care experts in Charlottenburg create pure, exclusive natural cosmetics with clean ingredients and short ingredient lists.

Also from Berlin, our in-house distribution send hyapur® products into the world – as today we are a partner of SPAs in high-end hospitality, exclusive beauty institutes and on cruise lines. This way, guests can indulge in our highly effective formulations and luxurious textures in SPA treatments in the Arctic, off the shores of South America or in their Spanish resort holiday – and enjoy our anti-aging skin care back at home. Always pure, efficacious and skin-loving.

Are you curious to find out more? We’ll be happy to assist you by phone or e-mail.

With the best wishes from Berlin

Martin Kothe & Your hyapur® Team

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