Speciality Care

Special care for especially beautiful skin

Discolorations, unevenness, the signs of time – sometimes we just worry about little imperfections. To be able to appear as youthful and beautiful as we feel inside, we have developed specialty care for the most varied desires. What are you looking for?

Eye Cream

Sparkling eyes. Naturally.

46,00 incl. VAT

306,67 / 100 ml

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Beautiful skin, rediscovered.

47,00 incl. VAT

94,00 / 100 ml

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Moisturizing Mask

Soft, moisturized skin. Naturally.

57,00 incl. VAT

114,00 / 100 ml

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Algae Gel

Gently to cleaner, purer skin with the all-rounder: algae.

69,00 incl. VAT

6,90 / Pad

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