Your fondest Mein Schiff® Memories

Upon the arrival in your suite

the hyaluronic acid ampules are waiting for you to brighten up your evening. Your skin looks plump and taut thanks to the combination of two different hyaluronic acids. Well prepared, you make your way to one of the numerous restaurants. You enjoy the lovingly prepared dishes and the elegant ambience alongside a glass of wine. Thereafter elaborate shows in the theater or classical concerts in the Klanghaus and cocktails in the Schaubar round off your perfect day.

The sun shines upon blue water

…as far as the eye can see. The gentle breeze caresses your hair and leaves the light, salty taste of the sea on your lips. You sit relaxed on the sundeck, hear the splashing in the pool, read a little and then surrender to your thoughts while your body soaks up the soothing sunrays. Minutes and hours fly by.

At night, the waves gently lull you to sleep.

In the morning you swim a few laps in the pool. When showering with the hyapur® Shampoo & Shower Gel, you pamper your body and your hair with the best of nature. The scent of fresh mint awakens your senses and you feel more awake. After a healthy breakfast with exotic fruits and freshly squeezed juices, you indulge yourself in your highlight of the new day: a treatment in the SPA & Meer. The crisp, fresh aroma of bergamot, apple and star anise of the Maritime Body Spray welcomes you. Soft hands and luxurious textures pamper your skin with massages and extra care. For an hour you can let yourself go, recharge your batteries and do something good for yourself. Your eyes will shine just like your skin when you look at yourself in the mirror.

What remains are memories

After a few days you leave the Mein Schiff®, but what remains are memories: the scent of fresh mint transports you back to the luxurious bathroom of your cabin. The blue of the sky reminds you of dreamy destinations. With a smile you think of the excellent service and the pampering SPA treatments, which we hope you can enjoy again soon.

Refresh your memories: With the hyapur® Berlin products from your last Mein Schiff® trip

The Body Lotion from your suite

Moisture and care.

34,00 incl. VAT

11,33 / 100 ml

Shampoo & Shower Gel

Naturally clean hair and skin.

26,00 incl. VAT

8,67 / 100 ml

Your suite present: Hyaluronic-Algae-Serums

Your perfect travel companions

69,00 incl. VAT

460,00 / 100 ml

Liquid Soap

Naturally clean hands.

22,00 incl. VAT

7,33 / 100 ml