GREEN complete + 50ml Serum

Radiantly beautiful, naturally

hyapur® GREEN complete + 50ml Serum

  • naturally radiant skin
  • ideal results through a combination of the GREEN series and the Pure Hyaluronic Intense Serum
  • safe big on the value set
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547,00 489,00 incl. VAT

547,00 489,00 / Set

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Enjoy radiantly beautiful skin, all naturally. The combination of GREEN products and the Pure Hyaluronic Intense Serum uses the best of nature and renounces on controversial ingredients to restore a healthy glow in your skin. Suitable for all skin-types. Vegan-friendly.

This set contains:

1x Pure Hyaluronic Intense Serum 50ml

1x Cleansing Milk 150ml

1x Tonic Sensitive 150ml

1x Peeling 50ml

1x Day Cream 50ml

1x Night Cream 50ml

1x Fluid 30ml

1x Eye Cream 15ml

1x Moisturizing Mask 50ml


Your hyapur® order of use


Cleansing Milk

removes makeup, impurities and skin cells


Tonic Sensitive

improves pH balances, removes excess dirt


Pure Hyaluronic Intense Serum

provides skin with hyaluronic acid, making it firmer, more elastic and reducing wrinkles


Hyaluronic Algae Serums

the solution for specific skin care needs


Hyaluronic Acid Ampules

suppler and plumper looking skin, quickly


Hydrating Fluid, Day or Night Cream

counteracts natural moisture loss and delivers targeted skin care effects


Specialty Care

Peeling (1-2x/week)
Algae Gel (1-2x/week)


Specialty Care

Eye Cream (1-2x/day)
Moisturizing Mask (1-2x/week)

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GREEN complete + 50ml Serum

In this set you will find all vital products for an advanced skin care regimen

GREEN complete + 50ml Serum

Radiantly beautiful, naturally.

547,00 489,00 incl. VAT

547,00 489,00 / Set

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We love nature

Loving your skin with a clean conscience means feeling younger and looking it. Mother nature gives our skin everything we need: Soothing medicinal herbs, invigorating fruits, cleansing water, conditioning oils.
With the vegan GREEN Series, we have created a skin care line that looks to nature in all aspects and complements it with our hyapur® hyaluronic acid. Always with organic-grade ingredients and free from chemical and synthetic substances, it is natural, clean, pure and renewing.
For a healthy glow and smooth, supple skin at every age.
Pure luxury, made by nature.

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About us

“hyapur® Berlin was founded in 2009 with the precept that cosmetics should contain only a few, but highly concentrated and pure active ingredients.

Today, our serums, skin and body care products based on the anti-aging ingredient hyaluronic acid delight customers at home and professionals in renowned SPAs worldwide with their pure effectiveness.

Discover your new favorites right here at”

Questions & Answers


natural cosmetics organic cosmetics hyaluronic acidpreservatives mineral oils silicones synthetic dyes synthetic fragrances organic cultivation cold-pressed oils
Sustainability, purity and naturalness are very important to us. In organic cultivation, farmers have to ensure crop rotation, renounce on pesticides or chemical fertilizers and are not allowed to use genetically modified seeds. Only this kind of farming is in line with our core values.
Yes, we love animals and would never test cosmetics on them! In our formulations we completely renounce on animal product and don't even use honey or beeswax. Also our hyaluronic acid is synthesized from plant-material.
No, the GREEN series only features natural fragrances, either as essential oils, natural extracts or cold-pressed oils.
Purity and skin compatbility are key in our products. We have a very clear philosophy to renounce on unnecessary fillers to save costs or get to a comfortable texture easily. As a principle, we renounce on mineral oils and silicones and instead use organic-grade cold pressed oils and natural lipds. This alternative is far more exepnsive, but allows us to create products with luxurious textures that contain precious nutrients that absorb into skin. In general, natural oils and lipids integrate far better into the skin's balance: as an emulsion they resemble human sebum and are therefore very well compatible with the skin and gentle to nature and the environment. They further properly absorb into the upper layers of the skin and condition dry skin especially well.
We have very high standards for ingredients and packaging. In our ingredients, we particularly focus on their purity. Through constant quality control and tests, we make sure that only the best products leave our production. High-quality dispensers with airless technology guarantee that germs and bacteria don't even make it into our products. This allows us to renounce on preservatives for the most part, and work with preserving active ingredients like natural antioxidants, essential oils, tocopherol or citric acid.
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