Hyaluronic Algae Serums Set of 4

A perfect partner for every skin care situation

hyapur® Hyaluronic-Algae-Serums Set of 4 and 5

  • optimal solution for different skin needs
  • can be combined with each other
  • get one serum for free!
  • NEW: 4x15ml in the elegant cosmetic bag
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Set size

4x15ml, 5x3ml

78,00 - 596,00 incl. VAT


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Accompany your skin through all life situations: dancing the night away, attending festivities, enjoying hot, sunny weeks or going through work-filled days. With the Hyaluronic Algae Serums in a convenient set, you have the perfect company for every situation with you. Suitable for all skin-types. Vegan-friendly.

NEW: The 4x15ml Set now comes in an elegant cosmetic bag.

The set contains:

1x Blue Serum

1x Green Serum

1x Red Serum

1x Nude Serum


The set of 5x3ml includes 1x Yellow Serum.


Please see the individual product pages for ingredient lists:

Blue Serum

Green Serum

Yellow Serum

Red Serum

Nude Serum


Your hyapur® order of use


Cleansing Milk

removes makeup, impurities and skin cells


Tonic Sensitive

improves pH balances, removes excess dirt


Pure Hyaluronic Intense Serum

provides skin with hyaluronic acid, making it firmer, more elastic and reducing wrinkles


Hyaluronic Algae Serums

the solution for specific skin care needs


Hyaluronic Acid Ampules

suppler and plumper looking skin, quickly


Hydrating Fluid, Day or Night Cream

counteracts natural moisture loss and delivers targeted skin care effects


Specialty Care

Peeling (1-2x/week)
Algae Gel (1-2x/week)


Specialty Care

Eye Cream (1-2x/day)
Moisturizing Mask (1-2x/week)

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These hyapur® products are the perfect company

GREEN compact

Naturally beautiful, effortlessly.

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Hyaluronic Algae Serums Sets of 4 and 5

The Hyaluronic Algae Serums Set includes all five available Hyaluronic Algae Serums

Hyaluronic Algae Serums Set of 4

Algae for every situation

78,00 - 596,00 incl. VAT
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Let’s enjoy the beautiful things in life

Dance through the night, enjoy the sun carefree, indulge in the second piece of chocolate… we don’t want to be perfect at all times. And we don’t have to be, as we can make provisions and find remedies. Thanks to their versatility and efficacy, scientific studies have declared algae a “super material“ of the 21st century. We have combined the power of these organisms with highly concentrated hyaluronic acid and created a unique specialty care for different moments in life: For a natural glow, a more even complexion, protection from photoaging, for fewer wrinkles or as a thirst quencher for very dry skin. So that we can enjoy the beautiful things in life more often.

When to use

Due to their versatility and efficacy, algae are an ideal source of nutrients and conditioning agents for the most diverse skin care needs.

About us

hyapur® Berlin was founded in 2009 with the precept that cosmetics should contain only a few, but highly concentrated and pure active ingredients.

Today, our serums, skin and body care products based on the anti-aging ingredient hyaluronic acid delight customers at home and professionals in renowned SPAs worldwide with their pure effectiveness.

Discover your new favorites right here at hyapur.com.

Questions & Answers


hyaluronic acid low molecular silver application ingredients facial erythrosis value set
No. In general over the course of the month/year our skin has different needs. During hot summer days it is dehydrated and also requires particularly good protection, on cold winter days it can be reddened and weakend from the temperature changes inside and outside. Our recommendation is that you give your skin what it needs in the moment. Ideally you reserve one time of the day per serum, e.g. the Yellow Serum in the morning and the Red Serum at night during the summer, or the Green Serum in the morning and the Nude Serum at night during the winter. It is not recommended to use the serums layered on top of one another as it can negatively affect ingredient penetration.
  1. Radiant skin: Blue Serum
  2. Porcelain skin: Green Serum
  3. Protection against UVA-induced photoaging: Yellow Serum
  4. More resistant, strengthened skin: Nude Serum
  5. Intensely hydrated skin: Red Serum
The combination of highly concentrated hyaluronic acid and different algae is unique in the market place. Various highly specialized algae help you address your specific skin concern.
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